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Catesby Estates is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in land promotion and infrastructure delivery in the UK.

At no cost to the landowner we use our in-house expertise and financial resources to fund the land promotion. We obtain planning permission and then market the site to housebuilders securing the highest possible financial return for the landowner.

As land promoters we work with landowners to bring land to the market with planning consent for housing, in order to deliver much needed high quality new homes. During the process we also work closely with housebuilders, councils, local residents and community groups to deliver sites that benefit the local community.

We believe the key to our success is our working together philosophy, and we are committed to helping landowners and housebuilders deliver sensitively designed housing developments that are tailored to fit the character of the local area and provide real community benefits.

By researching and understanding a Local Authority's housing land supply, we are able to identify sites which are suitable for delivery.

Residential land sites can be promoted over the longer term in conjunction with the Council's planning strategy if necessary.

If the Local Authority is unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land, an immediate planning application may be considered.

Once planning permission has been secured we invite bids from housebuilders to realise the true value of the land for the owner, thereby maximising financial return.

Our land promotion portfolio is diverse including both greenfield and greenbelt land. Our sites range from 45 - 3,000 homes on predominately greenfield sites, with in-depth consideration given to infrastructure, community needs and the socio-economic benefits that new housing brings to an area.

Landowners choose to partner with us as their land promoter, due to our track record in successfully delivering planning consents and our ability to maximise land value.

Catesby Estates is part of Urban&Civic the leading Master Developer of large-scale strategic sites. To find out more about the full range of projects Urban&Civic plc are currently working on visit www.urbanandcivic.com.

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As land promoters we would work with you to bring forward your land under either a promotion agreement, option agreement or unconditional purchase to suit your requirements as the landowner.

Promotion Agreement

We use our resources to fund the promotion of the land through the planning process.

Once planning permission has been achieved the site is then sold for the highest possible return.

The landowner is consulted during the whole process and our return is based on a pre-agreed split of the sales proceeds.

Freehold Purchase

For landowners wishing to dispose of land quickly, an outright purchase of the land can be agreed.

This can be with an overage in favour of the landowner to capture the uplift in value when a planning consent has been obtained.

Option Agreement

In return for a non-refundable sum of money, we have a legally binding option to purchase the land at some point in the future.

This period of time is known as an “option period”.

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A Year in Review 2018 - 2019 at Catesby Estates

A year of strong financial performance for Catesby Estates with cash generated of £33.1m (gross) continuing to justify the rationale for its acquisition by Urban&Civic in 2015.

During the year planning consent was granted or resolved to grant on 440 dwellings across 5 sites, with land for a further 1,320 dwellings being allocated in either an adopted or emerging Local Plan.  All consented sites have been in accordance with local affordable housing policies and have an average of 37% affordable housing.

Catesby disposed of 9 sites totalling 138 (gross) acres with planning consent for 862 new homes with a total gross land value of £60.7 million. Whilst the management team continues to focus on minimising the planning risk on sites brought forward by achieving allocations in Local Plans, it remains the case that on occasion Catesby will need to have recourse to the Appeals process.  At the year end this was limited to 3, of which it is expected that 1 will be consented before the Planning Inquiry takes place.

The Land Promoters model aids diversity in land supply for small and medium sized housebuilders and Catesby was delighted to sell to both Hayfield Homes and Anderson Group during the year as well as continuing to maintain its relationships with the volume housebuilders.

At Myton Green, Warwick, we are nearing completion of the initial infrastructure works and sale of the serviced land parcels.  Bovis Homes has acquired an 8.9 acre land parcel and will join Avant Homes and Miller Homes onsite in early 2020. 

Our commitment to early, high quality infrastructure delivery at Myton Green means housebuilders are able to bring forward the construction of new homes with residents benefitting from earlier occupation dates and more established recreational and wildlife areas.

Looking Forward

Due to the number of planning consents and allocations achieved with their subsequent sales, concerted efforts continue to be made to maintain and build the portfolio. 

To aid this and the management of a growing land portfolio in the South and South East of England, Catesby has opened a new office in Basingstoke.

Catesby will continue to target sites with short (2 years) to medium (5-7 years) term planning prospects which not only achieve our return hurdles but meet certain basic criteria as to a minimum sales price per square foot for the new homes, indicative of areas of either limited supply or high demand. 

This leads to a particular, but not exclusive, focus on the South Midlands, South, South East and East of England.  We continue to be alive to opportunities elsewhere where the minimum financial return criteria are met.

Risk will be minimised by continually evolving the planning and community engagement strategies to promote sites through the Local Plan process, seeking allocation and gaining consent at a local level. 

We will continue to work with multi-disciplinary partners to ensure we bring forward sites which are sensitively designed, sustainable and positively address environmental issues affecting climate change.

3657 Acres Of Land
57 Sites
17121 Homes

Experts in strategic land promotion:

In-house Expertise

Catesby Estates has over 20 years knowledge and experience of land promotion with six in-house specialist teams focused on land, planning, technical, design, public consultation and finance.

This in-house expertise and our policy of working in collaboration with landowners, councils and local stakeholders has built us a first class reputation for bring forward land with planning consent for new homes.

Technical & Environmental 

The technical and environmental constraints of development sites are considered in detail. Our team will survey the site and take into consideration possible issues such as; access, transport, drainage, and environmental implications using where necessary specialist consultants.

Our land development proposals seek to respect the environmental constraints of the sites and enhance these wherever possible.

Planning Recommendations

We pride ourselves on our approach to planning, with the  majority of our land sites receiving Planning Officer recommendations for approval. We look to meet housing demand in areas of clearly identified need. 

This can be through promoting sites identified in existing or emerging local plans or where plans are out of date, identifying sites where demand for housing is high and submitting an application after extensive analysis and consultation.