Catesby Estates plc are founder members of the Land Promotion & Developers Federation.

The UK planning system for residential developments can be complex and risky.  Requiring patience, an eye for detail and significant financial backing.

What is Land Promotion?

A landowner enters into a legal agreement not with the developer that will eventually build homes on the site, but with a specialist land promoter.

The land promoter takes on the risk and costs of the planning process and in return takes an agreed percentage, of the final selling price once planning permission has been secured, thus maximising the return for the landowner.

Minimising Risk & Maximising Returns

By acting on behalf of the landowner, the land promoter offers a complete solution for those who want to achieve maximum financial return, but have minimal risk, input and financial obligations at the outset of the process.

The promoter's costs are reimbursed out of the land sale, however if planning permission is not obtained by a certain date, the agreement terminates and the land promoter's costs are not reimbursed.


There are various types of legal arrangements available from Promotional Agreement, Options and Unconditional Purchases. Visit our FAQ’s page for more information.