Housing Delivery Test Results Revealed

The government has released its first ever ‘assessments of housing delivery’, with 108 councils falling short and 86 required to add more land for housing to local plans as a result.

After months of delay, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government this afternoon revealed its assessment of housing need for England’s local authorities going back to 2015/16 against the actual number of homes delivered.

The government deems 95% delivery of assessed need as the pass rate, and 109 organisations missed this target, including the London Legacy Development Corporation.

The figures will be used to incentivise councils to drive up housing delivery, with a “presumption in favour of sustainable development” the ultimate sanction for poor performance. A total of 58 councils could face this penalty by 2020 unless their development increases.

Councils that deliver between 85% and 95% of assessed need must develop an action plan, while those that deliver between 25% and 85% must identify 20% more land for development than originally required in the five-year supply included in local plans.

Based on the current figures (see table below), a total of 117 areas (which includes one development corporation) delivered less housing than was needed over the past three years.

Among these, 109 fell below the 95% pass mark, with 87 of these below 85% and facing the introduction of a 20% ‘buffer’. The remaining 22 must develop action plans to increase delivery.

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Credit: Inside Housing, February 2019