Obtaining planning permission for new development is an incredibly complex, risky and costly process to navigate.

For land promoters like Catesby Estates, housebuilders or developers, community consultation is an important part of the process when proposing new homes for an area.

Public engagement is a two way process of sharing, listening and understanding alternative views and responding to suggestions.  This helps to develop trust and open dialogue with local communities and provides an opportunity for them to have their say.

Here are some of the key reasons why public consultation is considered crucial as part of the early planning process when proposing new homes in an area:

Inclusive Decision-Making

Involving communities in the planning process ensures that a diverse range of perspectives, needs, and concerns are taken into account. This inclusivity helps create proposals  that are more representative of the community wants and needs.

Empowerment and Trust

When a community has an opportunity to voice their opinions and influence the planning process, they are more likely to perceive the outcomes as fair and just.

Engagement in the planning process provides communities with a sense of ownership over the decisions that affect their lives. This empowerment can lead to increased civic engagement and a more active and informed community.

Public Consultation

Local Knowledge

Communities possess valuable local knowledge about an area, including its history, culture, and specific needs.

The community can provide insights into potential challenges and propose solutions based on their lived experiences.

Incorporating this knowledge through public consultation helps planners make informed decisions that align better with the community.

Ethical Considerations

It is an ethical responsibility of those involved in the planning system to involve those affected by planning decisions.

Public consultation is a fundamental aspect of a democratic and effective planning process, helping to create proposals that reflect the needs and aspirations of the community while promoting transparency, accountability and trust in the decision-making process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to public engagement with each site requiring a unique approach. 

Community Consultation

Could your land site benefit from the Catesby Estates approach to public consultation?  Find out more by speaking to Katie Yates, Director of  Marketing & Communications.

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