Work is progressing well at Myton Green in Warwick with the site starting to take shape.  Big changes are visible from the air:

  • The weather has remained relatively kind during the tail end of the year, allowing earthworks to continue on schedule
  • The balancing ponds and watercourses have now been formed, and Myton Brook has been diverted
  • Drainage connections and outfall works is underway
  • Landscape areas are being shaped to meet proposed levels
  • Installation of paths and play areas within the green corridor will be commencing in the coming weeks
  • Footpaths around the perimeter of the site are taking shape, and areas are being prepared for planting
  • Construction and drainage of the first phase of the new spine road has been formed linking into Europa Way
  • New services will laid into the site and surfacing work is due to commence before the end of the year

Track our progress and to view more photographs here