Outline Application For Southwater Submitted

An Outline Planning Application for up to 100 new homes and 35% affordable housing has been submitted to Horsham District Council. 

We have updated our original proposals and removed development to the north of the site to create a large informal area of open space for both new and existing residents to enjoy.

This shall remain a natural area where the focus is on providing increased biodiversity opportunities by maintaining and enhancing the existing grassland and providing habitat for insects and reptiles.

Once registered it will be available to view online, however as you will know it normally takes 2 weeks, but with the current situation could be much longer.


You can use the HAVE YOUR SAY button at the top of the page to submit your comments to us, or alternatively call 01926 836910 or email info@catesbyestates.co.uk.

Horsham District Council will carry out a formal consultation on the proposals with local residents in due course.  We will respond to any comments made during the application determination period.

Find out more about the site here.