Affordable Homes On Green Belt


The perspective of the use of greenbelt land needs to change!  A one sided article that doesn't feature good quality development, where affordable housing has been developed!

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Interesting statistic from MHCLG "Last year the number of new homes built was the highest in a decade, and only 0.02% of the green belt was developed for residential use.” BBC News

Plans to build 460,000 homes on land released from the green belt will not help young families get on to the property ladder, say campaigners.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England said 78% of planned developments on greenfield sites do not fall under the government's "affordable" definition.

Its director said people are "being sold a lie" and will "go on struggling to afford a place to live".

A government spokesman said green belt protections were being strengthened.

He added that the green belt is around 30,000 hectares larger than in 1997 and councils can only make changes to its boundaries in "exceptional circumstances".

CPRE argues that more brownfield sites should be used instead - claiming they could accommodate more than one million homes in England.

It also said local authorities with green belt land have enough brownfield sites for 720,000 homes.

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Credit: August 2018, BBC News.