Greyhound Inn Developments Ltd, part of Catesby Property Group is continuing to press ahead with plans to bring much needed new homes to Bromsgrove, despite committee members at Bromsgrove District Council refusing an application to demolish The Greyhound pub on Rock Hill.

Catesby’s current planning application for 505 new homes is pending consideration. The application comprises 490 new dwellings on the Whitford Road site, known as BROM 3 in the adopted Bromsgrove District Plan. The site is one of the main strategic allocations for Bromsgrove and following adoption of the District Plan by the Council in January 2017, the site was released from the green belt. The application also includes 15 new homes on part of the former pub site, including demolition of the former pub itself and the creation of a new, much needed roundabout required as part of a package of local highways improvements.

Following its closure in April 2016, the pub remains unoccupied and has been the subject of numerous recorded incidences of break-ins, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.  In August 2017 alone, West Mercia Police (WMP) were called 6 times with reports of anti-social behaviour, and as a result a case officer has been assigned.

David Morris, planning director for Catesby Property Group said; “We are disappointed by the decision of the planning committee not to follow the Planning Officer’s recommendations that the benefits of demolishing the building outweigh any benefits of retaining it.”

“We are also disappointed with subsequent comments regarding the security of the site. Since purchasing the property 18 months ago and with the full support of West Mercia Police, we have secured the property in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation. The property is secured with metal boards to the rear and WMP do not object to the demolition of the building, which will remove an unsightly blot from the street scene and benefit those living in close proximity to the pub.”

Despite the setback, Catesby are pressing ahead with the existing planning application and anticipate being at planning committee early next year.  The scope of the Transport Assessment scope has been agreed with county highways bar a couple of minor comments, with the councils own highways consultants, Mott Macdonald.