Existing residents of Bromsgrove are set to benefit from a significant investment in its highway infrastructure as a result of proposals by Catesby Estates and Miller Homes as part of their plans for 505 new homes off Whitford Road.

Mott Macdonald were appointed by Bromsgrove District Council (‘BDC’) to independently review the transport assessment and road improvements package submitted as part of the planning application. These improvements and contributions now total over £6.7 million and represent a significant investment for the area and local community. This review has now been completed and along with the Highways Authority, Worcestershire County Council, they are satisfied that the proposals will provide real benefits for both existing and new residents.

Prior to new residents taking occupation a new roundabout will be built at the junction of Fox Lane and Rock Hill.  This will reduce the queueing that already occurs at certain periods in the morning peak by both allowing traffic coming down Fox Lane and turning into Rock Hill to flow more easily whilst increasing the capacity of the junction to cope with existing and new traffic volumes. The roundabout already has technical approval from Worcestershire County Council and construction could commence quickly once planning approval has been obtained. 

New traffic signals will be installed at the Kidderminster Road and Whitford Road junction, again to ease queueing during peak hours.  Significant financial contributions will also be made towards improvement works to St John’s Street, Market Street, Hanover Street junction, the A38 improvement schemes whilst further investment in the public transport, pedestrian and cycleway infrastructure will also be made by the developers.

Chief Executive of Catesby Estates, Paul Brocklehurst said, “It is well recognised that at certain times of the day there are traffic issues currently within Bromsgrove and we have adapted our proposals to help address these.  With Councils’ budgets constrained funds are limited to address existing highways issues which projected traffic growth, even without new development, will only make worse. This is where new development can help.” 

“We have worked intensively with BDC’s independent advisors to resolve all questions and concerns, which we hope will reassure local residents. Our £6.7 million highways infrastructure delivery and contributions package will bring real benefits to alleviate existing traffic issues in Bromsgrove and surrounding areas for all residents.”

In addition to highway improvements the development will provide a boost for first time buyers, and those on the Council’s Housing Register.  40% of the homes being built will be affordable, meaning 202 new homes in a range of house types and sizes will be available for those looking to get a home.  This will include 81 new shared ownership properties allowing people to get on the housing ladder.

There are currently over 2,000 people on the Council’s Housing Register but on average just 96 affordable homes have been delivered annually in the District over the last 5 years.

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