Catesby Estates plc has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering new affordable homes and improved infrastructure in Bromsgrove. 

Following comments made by James Morris-Knight of the Bromsgrove Labour Party, focusing on the lack of affordable housing in the area, Catesby Estates highlighted that it has been working closely with Bromsgrove District Council and other local stakeholders since 2013 to deliver much needed new homes.

Catesby Estates’ current planning application for 505 new homes is pending consideration. The application comprises 490 new dwellings on the Whitford Road site, known as BROM 3 in the adopted Bromsgrove District Plan. The site is one of the main strategic allocations for Bromsgrove and following adoption of the District Plan by the Council in January 2017, the site was released from the green belt. The application also includes 15 new homes on part of the former Greyhound pub site, including demolition of the former pub itself and the creation of a new, much needed roundabout required as part of a package of local highways improvements.

David Morris, Planning Director for Catesby Estates said; “We whole heartedly agree with the Labour Party, there is a shortage of affordable new homes in Bromsgrove, and that is why in line with the Council’s requirements we will be providing 40% affordable housing on our site in Whitford Road. This proposal will provide an additional 202 new homes targeted at the young Bromsgrove families and first time buyers struggling to get onto the housing ladder.”

“Research commissioned by Catesby Estates also show that Bromsgrove District is the least affordable of all the Worcestershire local planning authorities. House prices to income ratios in Bromsgrove are double the average for the West Midlands. If you take into account the 40% affordable housing also being proposed by Taylor Wimpey at their Perryfields site, 722 affordable homes will be delivered, which would be a real boost for the Labour Party aspirations for the area and those looking to get on the housing ladder in Bromsgrove.”

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