Housing For Older People Report


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Credit: House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee Housing for older people Second Report of Session 2017–19 Report.

It is a well-known fact that we have an ageing population.

But what steps are we taking to ensure that the housing on offer for older people now and in the future is suitable?

We decided to examine this topic because housing in later life is important: people’s housing needs and preferences often change as they grow older and they may want to make changes to how and where they live.

Furthermore, an appropriate, comfortable and well-located home can improve a person’s physical and mental health, wellbeing, social life and independence, while the converse can have a detrimental effect.

Like any other age group, older people are diverse and their housing needs and options are similarly varied, reflecting their age, tenure, geographical location, income, equity, health and individual preferences.

We found that this gives rise to a range of issues— from home maintenance, adaptations and repairs, to access to financial advice, and to housing supply—all of which are reflected in this report.

We believe that this broad and complex subject calls for a national strategy which brings together and improves the policy on housing for older people, and encompasses the recommendations made in this report.  Published on 9 February 2018.