Land Value Capture

Catesby Estates are founder members of the Land Promoters and Developers Federation (LPDF), which absolutely supports the principle that those responsible for development should bear the costs of its impact on existing communities.

This is a point of practicality and fairness, as well as being central to securing support for development. As the Government considers ways to help local authorities capture land value more effectively, the LPDF offers this note on how the current system of developer contributions and taxation, when looked at in the round, captures significant value for the public purse.

A system of Land Value Capture is in place through the correct use of the existing tools at the disposal of Local Planning Authorities: The NPPF, Section 106, Section 278 of the Highways Act, and the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is further supported by the Capital Gains Tax regime (generally at 28%) for the landowner’s receipts on sale, following the deduction of the above noted items.

The full briefing note for the Secretary of State Matters Considered: Land Value Capture & Compulsory Purchase Orders can be downloaded here.