Public Accounts Committee Inquiry

Submission by the Land Promoters and Developers’ Federation (LPDF) to the Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into Planning and the Broken Housing Market.

Catesby Estates are founder members of The Land Promoters and Developers’ Federation (LPDF) is a newly formed Federation comprising a group of the UK’s leading land promotion and development businesses.

Together they specialise in the promotion and development of predominantly strategic land for both housing and commercial development, throughout the country – helping to generate homes and jobs and to move towards delivering the Government’s target of building 300,000 new homes per year by the mid 2020’s.

Following a gradual change in the development market over the last decade, land promoters and developers have adopted a business model which provides a vital service to housebuilders, local communities and the nation by sourcing land, delivering implementable sites and de-risking the process for the house-building industry, to enable housebuilders to excel in what they do best – building high quality new homes.

Our members promote sites ranging from 20-30 dwellings to schemes of 10,000 new homes or more, both on brownfield and greenfield sites. Having sourced and selected the land from a variety of different landowners, they undertake the patient work of negotiating on the land, and then promoting, servicing, and preparing it to bring forward sites which are ‘ready to go’ so that homes can be delivered quickly for the housing market. These are sold on to housebuilders, both large and small, providing a full range of sites to meet a variety of needs and demands.

Their role is to promote, prepare and plan projects, bear the risks, resolve the technical issues and secure outline planning consents – doing the ‘heavy lifting’ in preparation for development. They address and tackle infrastructure problems and fund planning gain and social community benefits – including for example, affordable housing, whether they have been identified in Local Plans or not.

It is vital in our view, that Government encourages a broad portfolio of sites to come forward to meet all parts of the housing market and to cater for all types of housing need. Housing numbers at both national, strategic and local level should reflect all potential requirements, including flexibility, to include lapse rates, future demolitions, concealed households (the hidden homeless) etc. The ‘Lichfields’ Reports – ‘Stock and Flow’ and ‘Start to Finish’ are a valuable guide.

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