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What is a Technical Team?

As innovators within in the land promotion sector, we were one of the first to recognise the importance and added value, in-house technical expertise can deliver to both landowners and housebuilders.  We nurtured and developed our own in-house technical team, making our skill set unique amongst land promoters. 

Our technical team have a strong track record having worked for major housebuilders, and through their knowledge they are able to bring forward sites with comprehensive technical background work completed, and offer value engineered solutions to any site constraints.

This means there is less upfront risk for a housebuilder, that comes with a land site that has not been fully considered from a technical and deliverability perspective.  This in turn increases the speed of housing delivery, with housebuilders able get onsite and start construction quicker.  

The technical team are involved in all stages of land promotion from site acquisition and planning through to the final sale process. The team look at the deliverability and constraints of sites, which drive the evolution of the constraints plan and the final illustrative masterplan.  They address issues such as gradients, ground investigation, access, highways, utilities, flood risk and drainage.  This comprehensive technical input at the early stages, reduces the possibility of expensive delays later in the final sale and legal process of the land.  

Added Value For Housebuilders And Local Authorities

Our in depth understanding of the housebuilders and their end product, offers added value for those looking to purchase land sites from Catesby Estates. 

By constantly assessing and dealing with technical issues which can affect site deliverability means Local Authorities and other stakeholders at Planning Committees can have confidence in the planning consent they are granting and the quality of the development coming forward.

We have developed strong relationships with housebuilders, ranging from the large volume providers through to regional and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) housebuilders, by selling deliverable, implementable planning consents.  Housebuilders have access to our background technical assessments, and are able to meet with our technical team and draw on their expertise and in-depth site knowledge during the final sales process.