Frequently Asked Questions In Relation To Strategic Land

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What is Catesby Estates?

Catesby Estates is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in strategic land promotion and infrastructure delivery in the UK.

Landowners choose to partner with us as their strategic land promoter, due to our track record in successfully delivering planning consents and our ability to maximise land value

Catesby Estates is part of Urban&Civic the leading Master Developer of large-scale strategic sites. Ounr head office is in Warwickshire and we have a office in Basingstoke.

Catesby Estates uses its in-house expertise and financial resources to fund the land promotion. No risk or cost to the landowner.  We obtain planning permission and then market the site to housebuilders securing the highest possible financial return for the landowner.

The landowner is consulted during the whole process and our return as your land promoter is based on a pre-agreed split of the sale proceeds.

Land promotion is about ensuring a supply of land for the housebuilding industry, we don’t develop or build anything ourselves.